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Christmas Workshop

Living Colour floristry workshops are offered to our customers looking to learn the craft of floristry in a contemporary shop with a quirky design aesthetic at its core. These classes give a practical, hands-on learning experience suitable both for complete beginners and those more comfortable handling flowers. Our Christmas workshops are a great opportunity to meet with friends and family for a festive glass of fizz and a catch up. As a group of florists always looking to innovate and present new takes on our natural, wild-look style, we offer these workshops to give you the opportunity to be a florist for the day and flex your creative muscles. You will pick up the basic skills and develop the critical eye required to produce beautiful floral arrangements that are to a professional standard. Our team of florists have over 80 years of working practice between them, and each of them bring an individual artistry to the Living Colour aesthetic they are enthusiastic to share with you. Merry Christmas!

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